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With more than 40 years experience, Miotto Este S.p.A. operates in the building, overhauling and repairing of the offset tin printers and coater machines field.



Our clients are metal decorators or can makers.

Our filed is also the industrial automation with study, design and building of special machines and automatic device. Our production department is able to supply a lot of various machanical construction with assembly support. 

The company is composed by 30 dependents, organized in the following department:

- machines and mechanical components building;

- maintenance and repairing staff;

- engineering;

- commercial office.

Normally we work all over the world.



Miotto Este spa - via Talamoni, 4 - 20861 BRUGHERIO (MI) - ITALY

tel.: +39 (039) 2878284 - Fax.: +39 (039) 884594


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