We can supply all the devices useful to upgrade old machines with the most recent solutions.


Increase production


Easy regulation


Safety improvements


Reduce maintenance time




 Mailander 460 coater machine: pneumatic brake

Crabtree Marquess safety brake



Mailander 460 coater machine: coater cilynder ball bearing trasformation

Mailander 460 coater machine: rubber cilynder pneumatic clutch



Mailander 460 coater machine: metering roller one side setting

 Mailander 162 printing machine: safety brake


Mailander 460 coater machine: pneumatic scraper blade

Mailander 460 coater machine: magnetic coupling


Feeder lateral scroll sidelay

Mailander 460 coater machine: mechanical coupling


Feeder magnetic sheet lifting

 Mailander 162 printing machine: infeed scroll equipment


Crabtree Marquess scroll sidelay

Crabtree Coater scroll sidelay



Feeder electronic air distribution system

Continuos phasing system



Connection and phasing transmission

Modification on paper printing machine for tin-plate field






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